San Antonio Professional Tennis Association 



Tennis is a game of courtesy and, as such, SAPTA league matches will play by the Code and Friend at Court rules.

  • Line ups will be exchanged 10 minutes before the scheduled match time.
  • Home team will bring balls.
  • Each court is assigned the following point value:

Line 1, 2 points; Lines 2, 3 and 4, 1 point each

  • The match winner is determined by the number of points accumulated.
  • A legal match consists of a minimum of two lines. 
  • Default time is 15 minutes past scheduled match time, or after the court becomes available.
  • No match should begin until all players are present. Defaults will be from the bottom up.
  • If a player(s) listed on the lineup does not arrive before the default time, the captain may change the lineup to fill the absent player's position, thereby avoiding a default at higher line(s).  In the event that teams choose to begin play prior to all players being present, and a player(s) listed on the scorecard does not arrive prior to the default time, that player’s line will be defaulted and the lineup will remain as originally exchanged. 
  • Scores must be recorded within 48 hours.
  • A player may be moved to a different team before the season begins with the approval of both team captains.
  • Players may play on more than one level or team per season.
  • If weather conditions* are questionable, both captains must agree to play. Matches may be delayed no longer than 30 minutes from scheduled start time. Fall season only:  If a match cannot be played as scheduled, the match must be rescheduled prior to the end of the season. If captains cannot agree on a date and time to play the make up match, the League Director will determine the date and time for the match to be played.
  • The home team will provide courts with drinking water and public restroom facilities. If not on site, the home team will provide water for the visiting team and make accommodations at a nearby restroom.
  • All complaints alleging a violation by an individual or team during local league competition shall be filed in writing by the team captain within 24 hours of the match in which the violation occurred. The complaint shall be forwarded to the League Director who will research the complaint and render a judgment. All decisions by the League Director are final.

*Weather Conditions
 Matches may be postponed for the following weather conditions, unless both captains agree to play: 
  • Cold: temperature is 40 degrees or colder 
  • Heat: temperature is 105 degrees or warmer.